Free Data Sources and Free Data Sets to use in 2022
Free Data Sources and Free Data Sets to use in 2022

Free Data Sources and Free Data Sets to use in 2022

Every good data visualization starts with good accurate data. I started in data visualization as a web analyst and I didn’t know anything different than data related to website performance. I wanted to work on improving my data visualization skills but I had no idea how to find data. I only had access to data from Google Analytics for different websites. As I worked my way through mastering data visualization and data storytelling I compiled a list of free publicly available data sources and data sets and I want to share with all of you intrested in practicing data visualization and data science.

Free data sources and free data sets

Free Data Sources and Free Data Sets

Google Trends – A free tool from Google that provides data on popular Google search trends. You can research how people search for topics, specific keywords, famous people and more. They also provide a daily newsletter with increasing and breakout searches.

Google Dataset Search – Another free tool from Google, Google Dataset Search is a search engine that helps researchers find online data that is freely available for use. 

Ahrefs Keyword Tool – Ahrefs is a software that search marketers use. It is a paid tool but their keyword research tool is free to use. You can research keywords and get their avarage monthly search volume.

Data World – Data World is one of my favourite free data source. It is a collaborate community platform where people share free to use data sets on all sorts of topics. You can create a data visualization project and collaborate with other designers.

Data is Plural newsletter is published by journalist Jeremy Singer-Vine. It is a weekly newsletter with free publicly available data sets.

FBI Crime Data – Free data source with FBI crime data by state and city.

NASA Open Data – NASA’s open-data provided to the public. Tens of thousands of datasets are available for you to use for any data visualization or data science projects.

NASA Earth Data – Another open data source from NASA with tons of data sets related to Earth and Earth science.

USA Data Facts –  A large data portal with tons of data related to healthcare, education, housing, and other USA related statistics

Monthly Coffee Data Report – if you are a coffee lover and you also love data this free data source is for you. It provides monthly data and statistics related to coffee sales, consumption, etc.

UNICEF – Along with all the charity work that they do, UNICEF provides a free data portal with statistics related to child safety, education and well being.

Kaggle – Kaggle is a community for data scientists. There are a ton of free data sets for you to use.

Datahub – Datahub offers a premium subscription along with their freely available data sets.

US Government’s Open Data – Open and free to use US Government data where you can find data, tools, and resources to conduct research and design data visualizations.

British Film Institute Open Data – On this website you can access free research data and market intelligence on the UK film industry.

NYC Taxi Trips Data – Open data from NYC Taxi network. You can research trips, fares and more.

Other Free Data Sources

Wikipedia – since Wikipedia offers a ton of free information on pretty much anything, you can use it to research all sorts of information. You can find city or country population data, nutrition information on foods, and many many more.

Google Store Google Analytics – Several years ago Google made the website data for their Google Store publicly available. You can sign up with a Google account. Using this account not only you have data to visualize but you woul dhave access to a data source to learn website analytics. – I work for and I am biased. provides a ton of compensation data, pay equity data, cost of living, momimum wag and more.

These free data sources are just a small sample of freely available data sets. I use these consistently to make data visualizations, find answers to my questions and even discover facts I didn’t know would spark my curiosity.