Moving to Canada – Google Trends Data Visualization
Moving to Canada – Google Trends Data Visualization

Moving to Canada – Google Trends Data Visualization

I have spent a lot of time and effort to learn Tableau. I don’t use it for work so I can only learn to use via the Tableau Public platform and in my own time. Around the time of the elections in the US I have heard many conversations about Americans interested in moving to Canada and how after the previous elections, in 2016, the interest in moving to Canada spiked significantly, higher than any time before.

I decided to turn to Google Trends and look at the interest in the topic of Moving to Canada throughout the years, going back to 2004. I then decided to use this data and try and build a dashboard in Tableau so I can practice.

Moving to Canada - Google Trends Data Visualization

US Elections in 2004 and 2016

As I expected there is a spike in interest in November 2016 after the US elections. But it was interesting to see a similar spike, although muc smaller, in November 2004 after the 2004 US Elections.

Along with the area chart I created a map showing which states contributed the most to the popularity of this topic as well as a bubble chart with the most popular search terms related to this topic.

Northern states which border with Canada show the most interest in moving to Canada. Which might not be surprising, but it is surprising considering the spikes after both US elections and the fact that states like Alaska and North Dakota are not battleground states and the winning candidates of both the 2004 and 2016 US presedential elections won these states with a significant majority.

Tableau Dashboard

Below is the interactive dashboard from Tableau. Because of the size please use the scrolling bars to view the dashboard in its entirity.