Valentine’s Day Searches – Google Trends Data Visualizations
Valentine’s Day Searches – Google Trends Data Visualizations

Valentine’s Day Searches – Google Trends Data Visualizations

What is love? How do you know when you love someone? – These are some Valentine’s Day trends and questions we are currently asking Google as Valentine’s Day nears.

Whenever a holiday comes close our search behavior online is influenced by it. Valentine’s Day is no exception. While I am not a big Valentine’s Day person, since I believe we should celebrate love every day, I love the change of themes that surround us. We change the elves, and Christmas trees and all the Christmas decorations and pretty pinks, purrples, reds, hearts, love signs, etc. And while as I write this I am enjoying a winter blizzard through the window, Valentine’s Day has always reminded me that spring is near.

Valentine’s Day trends usually involve chocolates, flowers, gifts and date outings. In times of pandemic things will look slightly different, but my hope is that nothing has changed about how much we love our spouses, kids, family and friends. And we will somehow enjoy a wonderful celebration of Love!

Chocolates, Flowers, Gift Ideas, Date Ideas

Using my favorite tool Flourish I built this animated line chart to show the current treding topics we are searching for according to Google Trends. No surprise to see chocolates, flowers and gift ideas trending. My guess is people are asking Google for date ideas since in 2021 in times of a pandemic Valentine’s Day dates will be different .

Heart Shaped {Whatever}

The search for “heart-shaped” things spikes every year around Valentine’s Day. I love heart shaped things, whether it is home decor, jewellry or a nice delicious dark chocolate, the heart shape makes quite a difference. I myself this year am enjoying a pretty pair of heart shaped earrings. Currently Google Trends reports the following most searched for “heart-shaped” items:

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