What is a Sankey Chart
What is a Sankey Chart

What is a Sankey Chart

Sankey graphs are flow charts which use the width of the arrows to show the value of the flow rate between two categories.

While a sankey chart might look confusing at first they can be very useful with certain types of data visualizations. One example are visualization of migration data between countries, website traffic from one page to another or revenue flow between different revenue streams.

But sankey charts can have numerous other use cases and can be used in many different data scenarios. I wanted to practice creating a sankey chart using Google Trends data in search behavior.

Sankey Chart Examples

Which city is the US Pizza Capital

I used data for searches related to different types of restaurants in the top big cities in the Unites States. Nothing can beat Pizza and Italian

In this sankey graph example I am using the different restaurant types as my source and the cities as the target. The width of the arrow that connects the source and the target in this sankey chart represents the number of searches

Cuisine Popularity

This set of data looks at different cuisine popularity in the US and the UK base on Google restaurant searches. In the UK Indian and Curry cuisine are very popular while Mexican is the most popular cusine in the US. Or so I thought! Nothing can beat Italian!

In this sankey chart example the source are the two countries, US and UK and the target are the cuisine types.

To build these sankey charts I used Flourish and it is becoming my favourite data visualization tool.

Other charts:

Line Chart Examples

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