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Concept Visualizations

Concept Visualizations

What is concept visualizaion?

Think about this: wha is love? Or what is anxiety? Or how do you define success? All of these we can explain with words. But we can also use images, graphs and charts to answer these questions. This process is what concept visulization is. With concept visualization with take an intangile idea and create an image to explain or portray this idea without any difinitive numers.

Concept Visualization and Data Storytelling

In this part of my portfolio I use my data visualization and storytelling skills to portray ideas and emotions. These images visualize concepts without any numerical data, yet they are very much accurate.

I first got introduced to concept visualization by Liz and Mollie, the authors of No Hard Feelings – a book about emotions and work. They have a plethora of concept visualizaiton examples mostly related to our emotions in the workplace. Liz and Mollie use their illustrator skills to create wonderul illustrations of emotions and ideas. This inspired me to use my own design skills, mainly in data and information design, to create charts and graphs that depict ideas, concepts and emotions.