Data Visualization Designer


Maps, Data and Storytelling

You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.

In this part of my portfolio I use my data visualization and storytelling skills to create maps that inform, inspire and take my audience places around the globe.

I wasn’t particularly good at math as a kid. Math is hard and to love it you need great teachers that will inspire you. I wasn’t that lucky. I love teachers but my math teachers back in the day were anything but inspiring role models. Thus math was a thing I resented. As a result I resented geometry. Until years later when maps became sophisticated and intriguing and interactive thanks to new technologies. Not only are maps interactive today but we also have access to amazing areal photography that allows us to see cities from a bird’s eye view. And I cannot stop to admire the complex geometry patterns that constitue a city. Arc De Triomphe in Paris is my favourite to look from an areal point of view. The geometry shapes are breath taking.

This is what fuels my love for creating maps. Who doesn’t like locations, logistics and country by country, city by city comparison!